1. Generate your cube

Generate your VR space and customize it.

2. Share

Invite anyone even if not in this service.

3. Join Event

Join the event by the share!

Use cube's features to let your event more customizable.

3D space

Each single player can move as they want in three dementional cubical space. If you don't want to be in the group of people, being away from others. No problem. Even being at the corner of the event will be fine as the real event is. The live-action from webcam lead your cube more live.

Pin Image and Video

You can set an image and video in 3D space for others to share. You can chat one person looking at one thing, while the others can just watching video clip.

Stream for presentation

You can use your webcam which sync to wall with bigger image for presentation with others.

Easy To Use

Anyone with smartphone can easily enter the cube from anywhere in the world. If you need to lock the cube with password, you can set it. No application required, what you need is just smartphone. (Please note that old smartphone are not compatible.)

Case study

Art gallery

You can setup artworks and invites others to discuss about what artist want to express from the art. It will be possible for an artist to talk with each single attendee.

Exhibition booth

You can setup information to your brand and talk people who get interested in your brand and lead them to your official web page or e-commerce site.

Study meeting

You can setup space for meet up. Organizer fist set any educational object before attendee comes.


1 Hour

¥ 10.00
($10.00 / hour)
Best Value

10 Hour Pack

¥ 80.00 20% OFF
($8.00 / hour)

30 Hour Pack

¥ 210.00 30% OFF
($7.00 / hour)

All plans include:

up to 10 attendee
at the same time

3 hour for free
when you create account

meetatcube.com for
Smartphone / Desktop / Laptop